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    DVD - Heritage 45th Reunion Concert Live
    This incredible video contains over 3 hours of memorable music, a bonus section featuring a special tribute to Max and Lucy, plus behind-the-scenes footage of our 45th Anniversary Reunion Concert. Experience this unprecedented and unforgettable evening of music, praise and celebration! Relive awe..
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    Live More Happy
    Do you want to be happy? Of course you do! In Live More Happy, Dr Darren Morton reveals in a fun and intuitive way the latest information from science about how to live happier. You learn how the home of happiness in your brain is wired and experience powerful and proven strategies for boosti..
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    No, We Don't Only Eat Carrots!
    Born out of disdain for over-priced, gourmet bowls of bitter "fancy" lettuc, this new cookbook features more than 50 delicious, plant-based recipes.  Bright and colouful designs highlight helpful information including kilojoule (calorie) counts, preparation and cooking times, metric and ..
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    Following The Spirit
    The Book of Acts tells a story that is familiar to us-making disciples amid difficult social, cultural and political environments.  But Acts also tells stories that are new to some of us-creative and innovative forms of church and leadership, successfully adapting to these different circumst..

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